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Unit Values as of 7/22/2024
GP14U.S. Equity Index Fund121.2232730000
GP2CBond Fund21.0921290000
GP31Balanced Fund141.4296980000
GP34U.S. Equity Actively Managed Fund156.6313810000
GP39Broad International Equity Fund13.3651920000
GP3ABalanced Funds Cash Pool1.0000000000
GP3CAlternative Pool6781.9399220000
GP44U.S. Equity Index Fund121.2232730000
GP45Bond Fund21.0921290000
GP4AMoney Market Account1.0000000000
GP4GStable Value Account1.8639000000
GP6ANon-Retirement Money Market Fund1.0000000000
GP9CBroad International Equity Fund13.3651920000
GPBKTreasury Ladder10.9400580000
GPCKGlobal Equity Pool11.0255700000
GPD2Assigned Risk Fixed Income 1.0876870000
GPDKLarge Cap Active30.3123000000
GPDZMet Council Laddered Fixed Income Fund0.9491840000
GPEKSmall Cap Active20.7168080000
GPIDDuluth Laddered Fixed Income Fund10.1850810000
GPIKNon-Retirement Equity Fund117.7872840000
GPJKNon-Retirement Bond Fund983.7215450000
GPM5Teachers Retirement CD REPO1.0000000000
GPOKReturn Seeking Fixed Income10.3145830000
GPPKTreasuries Pool9.8586500000
GPQKUninvested Private Markets15.0258680000
GPTKTransition Account5.5787450000
GPVFVolunteer Firefighter Account27.5682960000
GPZALarge Cap Passive29.1752540000
GPZBSmall Cap Passive16.7972330000
GPZCDB Money Market1.0000000000

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